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16 x 390w Tier 1 Panels + 5kw inverter from $5,990. Hurry limited time offer!

Incredible service, Incredidible value!

Isn't it nice to know you could have clean energy powering you roof for mere dollars per day. Thanks to our finance option you can have a solar system on your house for $0 up front. The savings on your electricity bill can go towards your repayments, and will often be more than your repayments. So you could be making money while you pay off your system. And once paid, it's all free electricity from your panels!  

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About Us

J & M Energy Solutions is a family owned business that prides itself on quality products, service, and installations. We like to know that our installs are done properly first time, every time. That's why we don't outsource our jobs like most other companies do, the owner is the installer, so you know you're getting the best quality at the best price.


How can we install at such a great price?


That's easy! Because we're a family owned business our overheads are lower, so we can pass the savings on to you! 


Solar Electricity


Electricity prices are on the rise! Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to reduce or even eliminate your electricity costs.


Our CEC accredited installers will be happy to give a free on-site quote!



  • Save up to $3,500 per year on electricity costs!
  • Government incentives are still available
  • Micro Inverter Specialists
  • Battery Back-up Specialists
  • Grid Connect AND Off Grid Specialists
  • Install now and save!



Experienced Battery back-up Installers


Wouldn't it be great if you could use the power at night that your solar panels produce during the day?

Well now you can! The LG Chem will store your daytime solar power so you can utilise it when the sun goes down. Now your solar can work for you, night and day!





How Solar Works